Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning
  • Quick Shine 5L & 25L

    A premium water-based wipe on liquid dressing that will give a rich silky finish, while restoring colour and lustre to the plastic surface. It is suitable for dashboards, fascia, vinyl, plastic, and wood trims.

  • Super Shine 5L & 25L

    A premium solvent-based wipe-on liquid dressing that contains a unique blend of solvents, waxes, oils, and silicones. It offers a high gloss finish which is durable for interior and exterior plastics and trims and leaves a sweet cherry fragrance. Supershine quickly dries to a smooth and even finish that can be buffed for a less glossy look.

  • Seat Carpet Upholstery Cleaner 5L & 25L

    A lightly fragranced heavy-duty cleaner for general dirt and grime on all interior carpets and upholstery. Our carpet cleaner is low foaming and is suitable for use by hand or with a professional carpet cleaning machine.

  • Liquid Air Freshener 5L

    Our liquid air freshener range offers long-lasting fragrances in highly dilutable solutions, designed to combat unpleasant odors for vehicle interiors. We have a range of fragrances available:
    — Cherry
    — Sherbet Lemon
    — Jelly Bean

  • Fast Evaporating Glass Cleaner 5L & 25L

    Offers rapid evaporation which is perfect for cold conditions where smearing can easily occur. This is our best glass cleaner and can be diluted for use in warmer months where the economy is required.

  • Floor Gel 5L