Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

    Water-based alkaline detergent developed for the fast and complete removal of wax and polymer coatings.

  • Citrus Wash RTU

    A ready to use advanced citrus infused pre-wash. Citrus Wash RTU remains tough on traffic film, general dirt and grime, while being gentle on waxes and sealants.

  • Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash

    A highly concentrated pre-wash cleaner that is gentle on bodyworks and protection, when diluted correctly. It’s citrus based formulation de-greases and cleans to easily remove flies, traffic film and general dirt from bodyworks and engines.

  • Pressure Washer Fluids 5L, 25L, 205L & 1000L

    A range of premium, low-caustic traffic film removers. We have a range of various strengths, from Pressure Wash 10, to Pressure Wash 30 with solutions to suit every price point. Our Pressure Wash range is ideal for removing heavy traffic film, grease and soiling from your vehicles, engines and components. We also offer this product with added wax to improve sheen and deter re-soiling.

  • Traffic Film Removers 5L, 25L, 205L & 1000L

    We have an extensive range of deep cleaning and highly effective Traffic Film Removers. From our Traffic Film Remover & Caustic 35, to our highly active “Ultimate” products. Our full range will contain a product that suits your requirements – available in 25L, 205L’s and 1000 IBC’s.


    High active heavy-duty cleaner specially formulated for the cleaning and removal of traffic film, heavy grease, and stubborn ingrained soiling. It can also be diluted for use in the economy.


    A hydrofluoric acid-based product that is specifically formulated for the cleaning and polishing of aluminium fabrications. It removes the oxides formed in one easy application to improve the dull, corroded, and pitted appearance.

  • WASH & WAX 5L & 25l

    Quick and simple to use, ideal for removing dirt and grime whilst leaving a protective shine.


    A highly concentrated wax rinse aid, dilutable up to 1:40 for hand application and 1:1000 for drive-through automated systems.

  • 101 Degreaser 5L, 25l & 205l
  • Etch Acid/Brick & Scale Remover 5L & 25L

    Highly concentrated acidic cleaning agent. It removes cement, plaster splashes and etches concrete floor to ensure an effective key for re-painting or sealing. This product will also remove grime and stains from brick and stone building exteriors.

  • Extract Extreme 5L

    An excellent multi-purpose cleaner that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. This high-powered product may be used on vehicle interiors at a dilution rate of 1:10, but can also be diluted according with soiling levels for many surfaces including the exterior of the vehicle.

    The product is gentle when use correctly, but effective for cleaning difficult grime, grease and stains from upholstery, carpets and other surfaces.

  • Conservatory Cleaner 5L
  • Bike Cleaner 5L

    This bike cleaner has a concentrated formulation which contains no harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents. It is non-toxic and is fully biodegradable. It is safe on paintwork, chrome, carbon fibre, rubber and disc brake pads. It cuts through dirt, oil and grime easily and safely leaving your bike sparkling clean.


    A concentrated water based defoaming solution. It can be diluted up to 100-1 and is used to hinder the formation of foam in industrial processes.


    The ultimate high gloss and wet look quick detailer using nano technology. Simply spray and buff to give the perfect finish to a detail. Finito is perfect for a quick and easy top up of current bodywork protection.

Wheel care

GT Detergents offers a wide range of alloy wheel cleaners for the trade, detailing, valeting, and car washing markets. We supply all types of products that are acidic, alkaline, and pH neutral.
  • Alloy Brite 5L & 25L

    Heavy duty, acid free wheel cleaner. The foaming “Hi cling” formulation with excellent deep cleaning performance removes stubborn brake dust and grime.

  • TARGET 5L & 25L

    Target is a faster acting and more effective version of Tar, Glue & Bitumen remover. It is the trades preferred product and allows easy rinsing after use.


    An “X-TREME” version of X-TRACT – higher strength, thicker, faster and strong reacting, as well as having a pleasant Cherry fragrance. The ultimate contaminant remover.

Snow Foams

We manufacture a wide range of snow foams to suit all applications; from commercial vehicle cleaning to pH-sensitive detailing.

    A premium, highly concentrated PH neutral snow foam that generates dense, clingy foam. It is perfect for pre-soaking vehicles where wax/ LSP safe cleaning is imperative. It is high foaming properties will loosen road grime prior to further cleaning.

    This product is ideally pre-diluted and then applied through a snow foam lance between 10-25 parts water and 1 part product for varying levels of foam. This is available in 5 Litres, 25 Litres, 205 Litres and 1000 Litre pack sizes.

    For snow foam, with the same level of high-quality foam, but with better touchless cleaning ability, we recommend Snow Storm Extreme.


    A premium, highly concentrated snow foam that generates dense, clingy foam with a delightful cherry fragrance.

    It offers touchless cleaning through its extremely effective cleaning formulation. The product is no pH neutral, but when used at the appropriate dilution ratios is suitable for detailing valeting applications. Snow Storm Extreme will safely and effortlessly remove ingrained dirt, traffic film, insects and many more.

    This product is ideally pre-diluted and then applied through a snow foam lance between 1- and 25 parts water and 1 part product for varying levels of foam. Snow Storm Extreme is available in 5 Litres, 25 Litres, 205 Litres