• Expel 5L

    A highly concentrated odour control fluid used to eliminate all obnoxious odours with a bubble gum fragrance. Expel works in 3 stages to remove foul odours, these are:

    - Absorb
    - Cover
    - Prevents

    Expel odour control fluid is suitable for urinals, dustbins, skips, kennels and many other environments. It is industrial strength and highly concentrated, and can be diluted for the economy. You are able to purchase Expel in the following sizes:

    5 Litres


  • Selgiene Extreme Viricidal Cleaner T500 750ml

    6 x 750ml

  • Selgiene Extreme Viricidal Cleaner C500 5L

    Unperfumed bactericidal, viricidal & yeasticidal cleaner.

    Food Safe

  • Barrier Cream 5L

    Protects the skin from irritation, dryness and dermatitis.

  • Sterile Alcohol Hand Gel 5L

    Sterile C053 Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
    Alcohol: 73%

  • Pink Pearl Hand Soap

    Fresh bouquet fragrance can be used in workshop or office.

  • Microfibre Cloths

    Removes dirt, fingerprints and grease from most surfaces without chemicals. May be washed up to 500 times. Heat sealed edges for long-life. Heavy weight construction for more effective cleaning.

  • Anti Virus Wipes 100 Pack

    Virucidal and anti-bacterial. Popular in schools, hospitality, leisure, hospitals, laboratories, and public transport sectors.

    Approved to European norms EN1276/EN14476/EN1650

    Proven to be effective against Coronavirus and other viruses and bacterias such as Swine Flu (H1N1), Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli, Staphylococcus Aureas, C-Difficile, MRSA, Fungi and Gram positive/Gram negative bacteria.

  • XL Heavy Duty Scrub Wipes 100 Sheet

    Double sided – abrasive one side and smooth on the other Ideal for removing ingrained grease & grime, oils and non-cured petroleum based products.

    - Heavy
    - Anti-viral & anti-bacterial action

  • Syphon Pumps
  • Paraffin
  • Rags (Cotton) 10KG

    Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing qualities.

  • Coloured Cotton T-Shirt Wipers

    A natural cotton hosiery wiper for polishing. Also available in ecru for added lycra/stretch.

  • Natural Hosiery Wipers

    A natural cotton hosiery wiper for polishing. Also available in ecru for added lycra/stretch.

  • White Linen Wipes

    A superb lint free and ultra absorbent wiper. Leaves virtually no lint when wiping across brushed steel and aluminium surfaces. White hotel linen tablecloths and napkins. Popular with powder coaters and commercial vehicle paint finishers.

    Absorbency, Lint Free and Polishing Qualities.


    A non-flammable, solvent blend, designed with safety in mind. It removes heavy oils, tar, oxidised oil, grease and is effective on various surfaces and metals. The flash point of above 70°C means that it is not classified as flammable.

  • Lithium EP2 Grease

    Lithium EP2 Grease is a premium quality multi-purpose grease for use in all anti-friction and plain bearings subject to high load conditions. Used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector.

    - Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
    - High degree of corrosion protection
    - Highly versatile multi-purpose grease

  • The Plant Nappy

    Plant Nappy sits under a huge range of plant machinery and hand-held equipment to adsorb oil and prevent it from reaching the ground, protecting the environment.

    The Plant Nappy product has been continually developed and tested, making it the market leading patented product we have today.

    Side Wall:
    Allows rainfall to escape at a considerablerate but also filter out any oil residue that may have been picked up by water.

    Internal Base:
    The base offers rapid adsorption of oils and fuels, but more importantly traps the oil in one place.

    Liners offer the same features as the internal base but with one key difference, the liner is removable

  • Natural Based Chewing Gum Remover

    A natural based cleaner for safely and easily removing chewing gum and sticky labels. Safe to use on fabrics, carpets, painted surfaces, wood and plastic laminates, inside or outside.